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As an entrepreneur you will gain access to a strong network and a pool of great opportunities by becoming part of the Impact Hub Syunik community.

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An impact maker looking for connection and inspiration?

Impact Hub Syunik constantly organizes different events and meetups, where you can expand your knowledge, network, make new partners and friends.

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A forward-thinking organization looking to connect with impact entrepreneurs?

Impact Hub Syunik helps people drive forward their innovative and impactful ideas and initiatives. We’re happy for collaboration to amplify the impact.

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Differences Between a Businessperson and an Entrepreneur

Although the difference between a businessperson and an entrepreneur tends to be relatively narrow, there are aspects where the two differ. If we were still living in medieval times, a businessperson would be a merchant and an entrepreneur would be an inventor. Merchants sold goods, food, services, etc. Inventors created something new like the agricultural system to improve the harvest, and of course, earn money from their creations.

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